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An avid reader and writer~ I love anime and history. I love books of all kinds, and I love writing. I enjoy writing psychological stories the most.

Here there be Hetalia and Homestuck and Roosterteeth and Kingdom Hearts and miscellaneous other things

Also a hell of a lot of Teen Wolf.

Look me up on AO3 and FF.net. AO3 is where all my Homestuck and Teen Wolf stories are, and all my Hetalia stories can be found on FFnet. And sorry, my KH stories are spread out across both.

Anime north Homestuck cosplay (Sunday) Part 2!

Once again, I was the crocker-fied Dave. (Design by sam-twerkchester) 

And once again, if you recognize a cosplayer, give me a shout! 

Troll Rose was rosesollux 

Fem!John getting stabbed was: godtierampora

God-Tier Dave on the left of mayor: tsund-erin

Fem!Dave was: ainsil

Meenah was: autumnwyvern

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    heheheh i’m the god tier dave on the left of the cutie mayor
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    I’m the fem!John getting stabbed uwu
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